Brutal Nature, The Multiplayer Voxel Sandbox game

Q: What is Brutal Nature?

A: Brutal Nature is a multiplayer survival game. It attempts to resource gathering, crafting, terrain deformation and fast paced but highly skilled FPS combat.


Q: What makes Brutal Nature different from other games?

A: Very smooth high resolution terrain, 100% destructible environment, designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest in computer hardware, built in mod support and a very complex/realistic crafting system.


Q: How long has Brutal Nature been in development?

A: Since January 2013. 


Q: How long do you plan to continue development?

A: At least one more year. Several more years if it becomes popular. I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing right now than making Brutal Nature.


Q: Will Brutal Nature support mods?

A: Brutal Nature already supports mods. All vanilla content is a mod. Clients seamlessly download and install mods the server is running on connect.


Q: What languages and engine are you using?

A: C++ for the game itself, AngelScript for scripting and a custom engine written just for Brutal Nature.

Q: What platform is Brutal Nature coming out on?

A: Only Windows is supported currently.


Q: What are the keys in Brutal Nature?

A: Press F1 while playing open up the read me that lists default keys and other tips. Also check the How to play page.


Q: Can I rebind keys?

A: Yes. See the file data\keybinds\ in your Brutal Nature install.


Q: Where does Brutal Nature install to?

A: C:\Games\Brutal Nature\ by default. As Brutal Nature writes to its own directory please do not install it into Program Files.


Q: How do I forward ports?

A: it is different for each router/modem. You need to Google "Port Forwarding (Your router/modem model number)"


Q: How do I uninstall Brutal Nature?

A: Just delete the game folder. The installer and game only write to the games folder, so an uninstaller is not needed. We believe in clean installs.


Q: Can I make monitized lets play/review videos of Brutal Nature on youtube?

A: Yes! We love watching lets play and review videos of Brutal Nature and fully encourage you to make them.


Q: What is Windows Smartscreen and why is it stopping Brutal Nature from installing or running?

A: Smartscreen is a Windows 8 feature that blocks unsigned code from running in an attempt to force developers to buy expensive code signing certificates. Please click 'More info' and 'Run anyway' to proceed.