Brutal Nature, The Multiplayer Voxel Sandbox game

Nature is brutal, but can you survive the Brutal Nature of man?


Brutal Nature is a single player/multiplayer 3d survival game with a grapple gun, modern weaponry and a very complex crafting system with built in help. You live in the wilderness on an island, surviving by gathering resources for crafting, building immense structures, hunting and being hunted by wild animals and players.



Rated 8.0/10 on IndieDB.


"Brutal Nature ... can turn out to be revolutionary if it plays its cards right" - Softpedia


"This game has brought me such joy as I've let my imagination run rampant" - Daviss666



Featured screenshots:

Voxel construction of abstract art Exteriour house shot bear being shot landscape Generator Mining for clay in Brutal Nature


Core Features:

  • Grapple gun to swing from trees, climb mountains and traverse caves!
  • Complex crafting system with over 700 recipes for you to play with and built in help to understand it all!

  • Start by crafting stone age tools so you can build a forge and work to endgame tech like generators, batteries and electric smelters.

  • Voxel-based world with smooth and cube voxels down to 1.5" in size allowing amazing detail.

  • Fully Destructible environments: Destroy everything in the game from the terrain to buildings and plant life.

  • Single player and multiplayer support.

  • Party system so you can party!

  • Fully moddable with auto-downloading of mods when you play multiplayer

  • Procedural worlds based on real world geological formation processes for realistic landscapes!

  • Dig miles down and explore procedurally generated cave systems to discover and mine over 20 different kinds of ore!

  • NPCs to trade and fight with!

  • Realistic bullet trajectories, just like in real life!

  • Fast and efficient custom engine written in C++

  • Unique voxel compression that makes them faster to send over the network than any other voxel game!

 For a more complete list of all currently supported features check out our information page.





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