Brutal Nature, The Multiplayer Voxel Sandbox game

This is our development blog! We have been maintaining this blog with updates for over 1000 days now, starting June 10th, 2013. Here you can read about the work that goes into making a game as complex as Brutal Nature:


2017 December 25th, Brutal Nature 0.68 is now released:

  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Added day/night cycle.
  • Added ray marched clouds.
  • Added horizon effect to fill in at edges of map.
  • Added night time sky.
  • Added atmospheric scattering effects including fog, sunrise/set
  • Added a new animated switch model.
  • Added sound effects to switch.
  • Added new features to the particle engine: directional particles and stretched particles.
  • Added Cloud resolution setting.
  • Added debug key support to scripting engine.
  • Improved the water shader effect to be more realistic.
  • Improved terrain generation to remove slopes commonly being at 45 degrees.
  • Improved terrain generation to have more variation in mountain steepness.
  • Reduced NPC feeding rate by 50%.
  • Changed NPC's to follow the terrain a lot better, including tilting upward/downward when going up/down hills.
  • Changed NPC's to swim through water instead of walking on the bottom of the ocean/rivers.
  • Changed NPC path finding and wander code to try and make the NPC's behavior a little more realistic.
  • Fixed NPC's overlapping each other when attacking the same target.
  • Fixed bug where voxel edit preview was obscured by grass rendering.
  • Fixed some crashes that occur at shutdown.
  • Fixed issue where wires texture had disappeared.
  • Fixed up keyboard focus issues.
  • Fixed issue where NPC's would sometimes not engage in combat with each other.
  • Fixed foxes not being scared away by newly spawned players.
  • Fixed issue where complex switch networks would not always work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where DXT compressed textures where being allocated more memory then needed.