Brutal Nature, The Multiplayer Voxel Sandbox game

Small arms rounds:

  • Round: Typical round nose bullet. Not much to say about this one.
  • Hollow Point (HP): A bullet with a hole in the nose. Maximum expansion on impact, highly effective against unarmored targets, very ineffective against armor.
  • Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP): A jacketed bullet with a concave nose for greater expansion. Slightly less damage then HP against unarmored targets, but more damage against lightly armored targets.
  • Jacketed Soft Point (JSP): A jacketed bullet with an exposed soft tip to allow expansion on impact. Better armor penetration then round with similar damage, A good general purpose bullet.
  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): A bullet with a jacket around the entire bullet, Better armor penetration then JSP, but lower damage due to less expansion.
  • Armor Piercing (AP): A bullet with a hard metal core and soft metal jacket to avoid barrel damage. Great armor penetration at the cost of lower damage against unarmored targets. 

Shotgun/Grenade rounds: 

  • Buckshot: 9 projectiles fired at once in a medium spread pattern.
  • Birdshot: 15 projectiles fired at once in a large spread pattern.
  • Triball: 3 Projectiles fired at once in a small spread pattren.
  • Slug: A single massive projectile. Similar to a round bullet for small arms.
  • High Explosive (HE): A high explosive cored round that does massive splash damage to friend and foe.