Brutal Nature, The Free Multiplayer Voxel Sandbox game

Brutal Nature, The Free Multiplayer Sandbox game:

Nature is brutal, but can you survive the Brutal Nature of man?



Brutal Nature is a multiplayer 3d survival PC game with a grapple gun, modern weaponry and a very complex crafting system with built in help. You live in the wilderness on an island, surviving by gathering resources for crafting, building immense structures, hunting and being hunted by wild animals and players.


Inspired by amazing games like Fallout, Terraria, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft, we wish to bring you a game with complex depth and exciting combat in a modern age realistic world.


For a list of currently supported features check out our information page.


We have been Greenlit on Steam Greenlight! Thank you for your support!


Brutal Nature is free to play while in beta but please consider supporting the developers by pre-ordering or by supporting us on Patreon!



Rated 8.0/10 on IndieDB.


"Brutal Nature ... can turn out to be revolutionary if it plays its cards right" - Softpedia


"This game has brought me such joy as I've let my imagination run rampant" - Daviss666


Featured screenshots:

Voxel construction of abstract art Bedroom showcasing a bookcase made of voxels in the ingame world editor Turning a NPC into gore/mush with the MAC-10 Voxel Water flowing in a river with mountains and caves behind it Voxel Caves lit by a camp fire Mining for clay in Brutal Nature



Free to play:

Brutal Nature is Free to play in Open Beta. No ads, No in app purchases. Just FREE! If you like the game pre-order it to support the developers and gain access to new avatars to show your support in game! Tell your friends and play today because this Special Offer will not last long!

Voxel Sandbox:

The Landscape is a smooth voxel terrain. You can mine the terrain for resources, place voxels to build structures then destroy them with high powered weapons and explosives on a huge voxel sandbox island! Build towers miles tall and mine far into the depths of the earth. There are also cube voxels to build structures with that can be edited down to 1.5" in size allowing for amazing details in the structures you can build.


Voxels in Brutal Nature are compressed by a unique proprietary algorithm that makes them faster to send over the network then any other voxel game!


There are over 900 crafting recipes in the game are all based on real world metallurgy, chemistry, metal working and other industrial processes. You can craft everything you need to survive and prosper in a harsh world. Start off with making a flint pick, progress through smelting of copper, bronze, iron, eventually master crafting steel, electricity and gunpowder. Make weapons from a simple knife or sword to pistols, rifles, machine guns and even craft grenade launchers that cause massive terrain destruction!


We heavily support modding and have made the game exceptionally easy to mod. Game play is tunable from highly realistic to arcade style deathmatch fun by the modding system. All vanilla content is essentially a mod that can be removed, edited or replaced. Mods are automatically downloaded when a client connects to a modded server. Even the hard coded game play elements are adjustable by settings in the server config. Brutal Nature can be your modding sandbox game just as much as it is your voxel sandbox game.


It couldn't be easier so start modding Brutal Nature today! if you get stuck ask for help in our forum and the developers themselves will give you a hand!