Brutal Nature, The Multiplayer Voxel Sandbox game

Modding Brutal Nature has been made easy as can be. Nearly all game data is based on Angelscript scripts. Textures are .dds format.

How to install mods for players:

Just join the server. It will download and install all mods automatically when you join. Any previously downloaded mods not used by the server won't be used. Brutal Nature strives to make modding entirely transparent for players.

How to install mods for servers:

Just extract the mod to your servers Data\Shared directory and then start the server. the server will send the mod to all clients who join who don't already have a copy of it.

When a client joins a modified server, the clients cache of files will be compared against the servers list of file hashes. Any changed or missing files are automatically downloaded and previously downloaded files even with the same file name will not be overwritten as files on the client are stored by hash, not actual filename.

How to create mods:

Weapon Mod Tutorial


Angelscript syntax is based mainly on C++ but without manual memory management. This makes it exceptionally fast and powerful while allowing people familiar with C++ or Java to write scripts using syntax they already know. Angelscript documentation can be found here ( )


To mod Brutal Nature, you must edit the files in data\shared of your server. When the server starts all files in data\shared are hashed. Do not modify files while the server is running.


Right now, the mod loading process is as follows:

All .ini files in data\shared\ are loaded by server and client. They are used to locate the data directory for the mod and the .inf file to describe the mod.

The .inf file describes the mod in detail, including what .as (AngelScript) file to load.

The .as file must contain the following function: int InstallScript(), It is executed when the mod is first loaded.

To create your own mod, Just make your own .ini file in data\shared and it will be loaded next time the server starts. You will also need to create a .inf and .as file. Look at one of the simpler included mods like NPCs for an example.

Please note that currently Brutal Nature does not support automatic remapping of item/object ID's. As such you may need to erase Data\Private\SaveMap.dat and Data\Private\SavePlayers.dat to reset the saves if you add or remove objects to the game.

Graphics Mods:

If you just wish to edit textures, then just save over existing textures in the data\shared directory.

If you wish to add new models. the model exporter is not yet finished. It will however be released.

Terrain textures must be 1024x1024 ARGB 32BBP or they will not load.

Brutal Nature uses premultiplied alpha blending for particle effects and GUI elements.