Brutal Nature, The Multiplayer Voxel Sandbox game

Running a Brutal Nature server is easy. Simply ensure that the two main ports (1234 and 1240, Configurable in Server.cfg) are UDP forwarded to the IP that is running the server.

When you run the server, it will start up and put an icon in your tray. The first time it is run it will generate a map. It may take a few minutes for the map to generate before the tray icon becomes responsive.

Once the map is generated, clicking the tray icon will give you a status on if the server is operating correctly and how many users have joined. If the status is “Connected to announce server” Everything is working, otherwise it is likely you don't have the correct ports forwarded.

You can set the server name, bandwidth limits and some other parameters in Server.cfg.

Any file placed in Data\Shared\ will be sent to clients when they join. Any file edited will be updated on the client side.

When you exit the server via the tray icon, the existing map and player data will be saved to Data\Private\SaveMap.dat and Data\Private\SavePlayer.dat