Brutal Nature, The Multiplayer Voxel Sandbox game


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Above is the main games GUI.
The most important thing to know is the 3 health bars at the bottom.
Endurance: Used by most actions. Regenerated automatically by using up food or health if out of food.
Food: Restored by eating. (Inventory menu (I), Aid, Double click a food item).
Health: Restored slowly by having food. Also restored by eating aid items. Used to regenerate endurance if out of food.

The radar at the bottom left shows locations of party members and the locations of any gunshots, explosions or bullet impacts you hear.

Basic keys are as follows:

F1 In game help menu, Lists all keys.
WSAD Move up/down/left/right
Tab Sprint
Space Jump
~, T, Enter
Mouse Wheel
Change weapon
Shift+Mouse Wheel
Change ammo type
Left mouse button Fire weapon
Right mouse button Focus Aim
R Reload
F Primary interact, lets you form a party with players, chops down trees, picks up containers, butchers dead NPC's, etc.
Shift+F Secondary interact, skins NPCs, Picks up most objects. Hold shift to show secondary context actions when cross hairs are over an object.
Ctrl+F Opens interact menu allowing you to select interact options from a menu.
I Inventory menu
G Toggle flashlight
C Scan terrain/object you are aiming at
Shift+C Open help page of terrain/object you are looking at.
Q Retract grapple
Z Detach grapple
0 to 9

Weapon hot keys. Press key while in inventory menu to assign to currently selected weapon.


Previous music track


Next music track

\ Pause/play music

Terrain editing:

E Edit terrain mode
Right Click Pick up terrain
Left Click Place terrain
Shift+Left Click Activate Area editing mode
Mouse Scroll Wheel Change material
Shift+Mouse Scroll wheel
Change edit size
Ctrl+Mouse Scroll wheel Change edit distance
O Spherical/Square edit mode
L Edit collision mode


To change the key bindings, edit Data\

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First Steps:


Move with WASD, tab to sprint. Select a weapon (Mouse scroll wheel). You are typically given a few starter weapons like a shotgun, pistol and some ammo. The shotgun tends to work best on bears while the pistol works better at range.


Keep an eye on the three health bars.
The top is endurance. It it used up by any action you take. low endurance will make you move slower and become unable to control the recoil when firing weapons.
The second bar is food. It is used up by regenerating endurance and health. If you have no food, health will be used to regenerate endurance instead. Open Inventory (I) select 'aid', then double click an item to eat it. It is important to eat before your food gets below half or endurance regeneration will start to slow down.
The third is health. If it hits 0 you die. Low health will slow endurance regeneration, but health also regenerates faster when low.



Search the island for treasure chests, Pick them up by pressing Interact (F) while aiming at the chest. Chests contain ammo and sometimes a weapon. If you encounter and kill a bear, Interact (F) with its corpse to butcher, Secondary interact (Shift+F) to skin it. You can also chop down trees for wood with Interact (F), and craft additional recipes at buildings with Interact (F).



Open the Inventory menu (I). It has 8 sub menus:

Weapons: Lets you see weapon stats and select or drop a weapon.

Armor: lets you equip, unequip and drop armor.

Aid: Objects you can eat. Eat them by double clicking.

Materials: Terrain you have mined with Remove Terrain (Right Click). Can be placed with Place Terrain (Left Click) or used for crafting.

Objects: World objects like buildings. Can be placed by double clicking on them.

Misc: These are objects used as ingredients for crafting.

Ammo: Ammunition for your weapons. Can get stats on the ammo by clicking on them and drop ammo.

Crafting: Crafting menu. See 'Crafting' on how to use.



Press Edit Mode (E) to enable editing. Use Remove Terrain (Right Click) to gather resources.

Place Terrain (Left Click) to place terrain after selecting a material with mouse scroll wheel.

Use Area edit mode (Shift+Left click when looking at a 'face') to edit arbitrary rectangular areas.

Use Scan Object (C) to tell what type of terrain/object you are looking at.

Use Deep Scan Object (Shift+C) to open the help page of the terrain/object you are looking at.



Open Inventory (I), Select Crafting. Expand a category by clicking on its (+). Select a recipe to show its input and output ingredients and how many you can make. Double click a recipe to open a 'how many' window. Input a number and hit OK and the object(s) will be crafted if you have sufficient ingredients.


At any time, you can click a recipes input or output ingredients to bring up the help menu of that ingredient. This includes all stats about the ingredient.


You can construct buildings in the inventory menu. Buildings are used to refine ores and cook food via there own crafting menus. Double click the building in your inventory:objects menu to place it.


Some recipes have a fuel quality requirement. Bituminous coal can be converted to coke at the bonfire and beehive oven when fuel quality must be higher. Anthracite coal can be used as is for most recipes but can not be converted into coke for use in blast furnaces. Fuel quality in order of highest to lowest: Charcoal>Coke>Anthracite Coal>Wood>Bituminous Coal



If you die, you will drop 20% of your ammo and respawn elsewhere on the island with full health and food. This can be modded by the server however.



Weapons in brutal nature are designed to be very realistic. Each one has stats based on real world data. Recoil is derived mathematically from the action type, powder load, bullet weight, muzzle velocity and gun weight. All bullets have real world velocities and are effected by air drag. Damage depends on bullet type and mass multiplied by speed squared. Each weapon remembers its magazine count and ammo type when you switch weapons. This provides a small advantage to owning multiple of the same weapon.


Each weapon you own increases your encumbrance by its weight. It also increases your encumbrance significantly when equipped with heavier weapons causing more encumbrance when equipped.


Hot keys can be set to weapons by pressing 0~9 on the keyboard when in the inventory weapons menu to bind to the currently selected weapon.


There are 5 slots for armor consisting of head, upper body, lower body, hands and feet.
Each slot has 4 layers: cover, armor, over, under. Only one item can be equipped to each layer of each slot. This allows 20 pieces of clothing and armor to be worn total.
Piercing damage is applied to all layers on a body part with the armors piercing resistance turning piercing damage into half as much blunt damage. Blunt damage then absorbed by all layers of armor (Blunt damage is multiplied by 100 / (100+Blunt Resistance of all layers) ). Ammo has modifiers that affect how effective armor piercing resistance is and how much damage successful piercing damage ends up doing.


Armor also has encumbrance. The more armor you wear the more it slows you down and the more endurance you need to move. Each piece of armor in your inventory also adds a small encumbrance penalty.


Tech Tree:


Make a basic smelter to smelt bauxite into alumina to make an intermediate smelter. Once that is created you should work on making a blast furnace and then a Bessemer converter to increase your steel production capability. A table will be required to make mortar and leather early on, as well as ammo. Make a forge to produce weapons and armor.


Once that is done you should work at obtaining a number of HSS tools. Refine Wolframite into tungsten at the smelter. Combine it with steel to make high speed steel at the smelter. Make abrasive from bauxite at the smelter. Combine abrasive with high speed steel at the table to grind High speed steel into HSS tools.


The more HSS tools you have the more advanced weapons you can create. Creating a weapon will result in many dull tools that need additional abrasive to sharpen.


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